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How To Make Money With BIGO Live in 2022?


Making money online is a new trend among college students and school kids alike. They all are now making money with social media platforms or using smartphone applications available on the app stores to make some easy cash.

The same goes with Bigo Live - most people use Bigo Live app to watch live streaming and to make new friends using this application. Meanwhile, smart folks are flaunting their skills to make easy money with Bigo Live.

Earning money online may sound very interesting to you. But, the truth is, making money with Bigo Live can be your full-time job from the comfort of your home.

Use the Bigo Live smart app to make quick money and hit million likes on live streaming. In this blog post, we will see how you can make money using Bigo Live and become a Bigo celebrity as well.

Make money with Bigo Live in 3 easy steps

Here are the listed options for you to make money with BIG LIVE streaming. 

  1. Earn Money by becoming a Host/Recruiter

Are you feeling bored or depressed from your full-time 9to5 job? BIGO LIVE is an amazing opportunity to make money by working from home.

You just need to master one skill and by showcasing your skills and talent to the global audience using the Bigo Live application you can make money online.

If you are someone who loves entertaining and interacting with new people, BIGO LIVE can be your next big thing. 

You can start working on Bigo Live as a host or Recruiter.

As a Host, your responsibility is to do a mobile live broadcast. After you manage to achieve your monthly targets and goals, you will get paid as part of their reward plan. 

Salary is based on many factors varying from your content, followers, and time spent on the live broadcasting. Globally, Bigo Live broadcaster earnings have crossed more than $5000 per month. To know more about this, click here.

As a Recruiter, you can recruit hosts and earn some commissions. The best part is, everyone can become a recruiter if they have a good network of talented people and entertainers. 

ProTip: The advantage you have as a host over a recruiter is - the more broadcasters you get under your name, the more money and extra rewards start pouring in for you.

Bigo Live loves to hire more recruiters. They bring talented and entertaining hosts to the Bigo Live community and help people grow together by helping each other. 

Bigo Live is going to officially sign these hosts through you. They also offer training and guidance on how they can live stream better as a host. To know more about this.

  1. Earn Money by Encashing Virtual Gifts

The second method to Earn Money using Bigo Live application is by encashing virtual gifts from your followers to make more money. 

When you become a popular streamer the followers are going to send you virtual gifts as a reward/prize if you entertain them well. You can stock these virtual gifts and convert them to ‘beans’ later. 

The more beans you collect, the more money you can make.

Becoming a popular streamer on Bigo Live should be your number one priority! With the rise in your follower count, you will start receiving more virtual gifts. Hence, more beans into your account will make real money for you.

PS: The current value for every 210 beans is $1.

Your goal as a streamer is to collect as many beans as possible every day. Once you have a lot of beans in your kitty convert them to cash. Simple!

Next, you can convert these beans into real cash using the Bigo Live application. After you convert them, they will wire transfer the amount of the converted beans as real cash directly into your account and you can make some passive income.

ProTip: Consistency is really important to get more beans and followers.

  1. Earn Money by Increasing more Followers

It all comes down to your followers count. Try to get as many followers as possible on live streaming and start making real money consistently. Becoming a popular streamer is few steps away. Start working on your account to build organic reach faster.

The question here arises, how one can get started as a beginner and scale up slowly?

If you want to grow your account faster and start receiving some virtual gifts, you need 

to stay active and stream for a few hours every single day on Bigo Live. 

PS: We have seen new broadcasters coming to the platform and hardly streaming for 10-15mins every day. Things don't work that way here! 

How are the real viewers and the potential bosses going to find you if you stream for 10-15 mins and disappear instantly? Build your audience, engage them and add them to your follower count.

Make sure you stream for a couple of hours twice or thrice in a day!

This will help you get a more organic reach in front of potential viewers. Those are the real gems for you here. 

Streaming every day to get noticed in front of these potential viewers has to be your primary goal while starting off. If you are a good entertainer, you can receive a lot of virtual gifts as well. 

ProTip: The only way to receive more followers and beans is to entertain more people globally. Just showcase your talent, live in front of people, and gain more followers to receive more beans.

Bottom Line

Making money online is not an easy job. You have to put in the hard work to make a consistent income just like your 9to5 full-time job. If you learn to entertain people consistently, you can make a living by streaming live on Bigo for sure.

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