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A Holiday Story for Kids: The Gift of the Magi

 The Gift of the Magi Story

Della and Jim had only been married for a year. They didn't have much money, and their living quarters were filthy. What they lacked in opulence, however, they made up for in love.

It was Christmas the next day. Della only had $1.87 to buy a gift for her devoted husband. "What can I buy with that?" she wondered.

She turned around and saw herself in the mirror. She took a step up to the mirror and glanced at herself. "At least Jim likes my long, lovely hair," she added as she spun around. "He refers to me as his queen!" She abruptly came to a halt. "With only $1.87 to spend on a gift for my spouse, I'm some queen!" she exclaimed.

Della suddenly realised what she needed to do. She hurriedly put on her cloak and exited the apartment. She dashed down the street to a shop that created wigs. "We purchase hair," read a placard.

Della inquired of the shopkeeper, "Tell me." "How much are you willing to pay for my hair?"

"Come inside and let me see that," the shopkeeper asked.

Della entered the shop and removed her cloak. Her long, thick hair tumbled to the ground.

He then handed his wife a tiny package before she could give Jim her gift. Della loosened and opened the ribbon. There were two lovely hair combs inside! They were the identical ones she had admired in store windows numerous times, but they were way too expensive.

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