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The Veng, our village this time very popular as a king and queen. this city are most popular for king ramnath and his wife kuranita. They have two children one name prince kumar and princess name queen enka. They have very cute and very humble. they also like nature and environment.

After some time they are think about nature with family like stay and use nature in our life. prince kumar think why not me and enka stay in jungle and life enjoy with environment. his try convince to father for stay in jungle with his sister enka and prince father understand for nature important and king allow to stay in jungle. after one month prince and princess enka going to jungle for stay and center of the forest are they decide they are stay in this site with beautiful nature. everyday they are enjoy beautiful nature and beautiful morning. lunch time dinner time always be…. the best kids story

after long time they are think about are family father ramnath and mother kuranita. she's cry for go back to village.

prince: what happened enka?

Enka: Nothing, but we are go back. right now because i am very missing to father and mother. can we go back?

prince : confused

why we go back it's very beautiful environment best weather,  best create motivational story era for me and my sister. we can't go back. previous night enka and witch change personality and witch not allowed to me for stay here and enjoy nature because she try to position create for environment to finished nature prince totally understood, what is happened to enka.

he try some plan for expose witch and princess back to original personality he try one mirror ideas, magic mirror give to her sister princess and he told mirror "best and original personality back" mirror try and successfully witch and princess move to real personality and witch told sorry to me for this problem.

After this problem they are enjoyed environment and after some months they are back to village they are understood what is family and why it's important for us.

This story are defined importance of family and relatives, this story are based only imagination. you need more story: Chota prince and pihu in diwali market - Diwali Special new story

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