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The Motivational Story Of labor Girl - श्रमिक लड़की की प्रेरक कहानी

Kids Story in English, Kids story for motivational

The story of 100 years ago, one girl stay in jambul village. She is named Nikki. She's lovely and brilliant; she talented in making a water jug.

But she is alone and single in the family. After some years, Nikki talks about his future with his colic's brother Kunj. She talks about the future very seriously, and she talks to Kunj. What is your plan? And how to achieve our targeted goals and success.


I know you are talking about success, and we try best for success, but how to decide what my lovable and happiness goal is in my life? Please tell me right now.

Nikki: Think about it.

Kunj: Ya I know, we talk later ok,

Nikki: Ok,  

Motivational story for kids, kids story in English

Nikki thinks about his love and happiness target. And she is decided she is making a store in the village and selling his making water jug and something. Starting time, she is very gladness, but after a day off, she is crying because she is suffering alone in life; she is struggling in life alone—that reason for her's cry.

She cries alone. She suffers alone in the village, but after some days, a good show on she's face, and she's pleased to understand his targeted goal and loveable achievements. She is talking with Kunj i am very happy for my life because i am Iuffring alone, but I am pleased about that because currently, i know what my goal is and how it's possible to achieve success in the dream.

The water jug business grows in the village, and Nikki very happy for that. After some day's Kunj come in Nikki's store and his shy wow, Nikki, you are the genius, and you are the marketer in the village. Nice.

Nikki: Thank you, please sit.

How are you, Kunj? I know this time you decide your targeted goal in your life please share your plan with me.

Kunj: why not

I am also become a businessman in Jhumpa city, and thank you so much for helping me to decide future goals.

Currently, i am a businessman, but I do not achieve this goal, but you are supporting me for target decide and learning for purposes. Thank you, Nikki.

Hello, Friends, you read? This kid story in English best motivation for kids.

Nikki or Kunj very poor and alone in life, but they decide goals and targets in life. They choose the essential methods of the achievable target. They determine what life is and how to suffer happily and without any problems.


I Request you all, please decide your goal and try to succeed because every problem is helpful to success goals.

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